Friday, May 4, 2012

A Few Friday Things

1. I am writing this post from my iPad. And it's weird. I have no idea how the font and such will turn out. Let's simply refer to it as the iPad experiment. 2. I am staying at my parents house today for my little sisters college graduation. She's grown up and educated and getting married and showing me pictures of the townhouse they might rent. Oh yeah and asking me about loan subsidizing and retirement plans. 3. My mom keeps my baby niece who is 9 months (ish) and a baby boy who's about 2 months (ish). And they are cute. And making me feverish. 4. I should have went to private school because graduates get a whole big weekend of events. Cookout at the presidents house, department banquet, baccalaureate, graduation breakfast, and outdoor graduation. Oh, and it's on something they call a "quad". Isn't that fancy. I want a quad.

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