Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well This Changes things

Last night I received the kind compliment of "I love your pants"

Said pants are kind of chartreuse/gold colored, and feel very on trend with the whole colored jean thing.

Image 1 of Eleven Paris Skinny Jean
Which led into the comment from me that I can actually wear yellow pants because it's not up near my face. Any color that doesn't look good on you can be worn in pant form instead. I then added that this is because I have olive toned skin.

Complimentary friend then said that her daughter can wear gold because she has dark hair and very olive skin. Then she showed me her undertones.

Then I turned my arm over and compared.

Turns out, all this time, I don't have olive undertones. My world has shattered. I've built myself on the possibility that I'm Grecian, or Turkish. but, lo, I am not.

I have golden undertones. Perhaps I'm Spanish...

Well, I've been researching and apparently this makes me an Autumn not a Winter...and more specifically a deep autumn. 

Color analysis autumn

Fortunately my clothes tend to fall into those colors, make-up however is another story. And since I made a "resolution" to wear more lipstick I think it's high time to take some pro suggestions for what red might actually work on me.

Are you brave enough to do the red lipstick thing?

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