Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lately, Nathan and I have started to purge ourselves from all the stuff we've acquired over just 3.5 years of marriage.

We started out in a 1 bedroom campus apartment, to a 2 bedroom historic apartment that was too big for us - but awesome, to a 2 bedroom townhouse. Even with these small spaces that we've lived in, our cabinets are full, the shelves are piled high and the closets are overflowing. 

Nathan likes to reinvest any money gained from selling an item back into an item of the same type. For example, all music equipment sold is reinvested into better music equipment. All the dvd's we've sold will be reinvested into an Apple TV, etc. 

So when I sold a camera lens, Nathan asked if I would be reinvesting back into a better camera. Despite my amateur photography skills, no, I will not be reinvesting into anything.

Why? Because I have been finding my security in my savings account. Because I have been convinced that as long as we have that "emergency fund" set up, our lives will be good. Because I've been consumed with the fact that my student loans won't be paid for another 5 years.

But, because God is graceful and wants to remove all the sin from my life, it has been revealed to me that this is a lie.

No savings amount can make me secure. No debt amount can make me poor.

My security can only, only, come from Christ. He will always, always, provide beyond anything I need. Like I said, our cabinets are full, the shelves are piled high, and the closets are overflowing. I have more than I need yet I doubt whether he'll continue to provide.

So, with this realization, that I am free, I want to continue to purge our home of all that we don't use/need, and give it back to God, as I am called to do, as a worship act of what he's already done. 

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