Monday, June 4, 2012

Blue Plum Festival

This past weekend, we spent most of our time doing band things, and by most, I mean all.

Friday night, Nathan played with the R&B band "Unlimited" which is a lot of fun. It's also fun watching Nathan play to a crowd of people who are most likely not at all interested in hard rock. He kind of sticks out.

Afterward, we strolled around looking at all the local vendors and babbling on about how "they" should bottle and sell in either fragrance spray or candle form the smell of deep fryers and powdered sugar. Essentially "carnie" smell. without the petting zoo. That would cost extra.

Last year, Blue Plum started the Urban Art showdown, inviting artists to graffiti some canvases. Here are a couple of really impressive ones.

I wore this knowing that it would be about 55 degrees that night.


Saturday night, Nathan's band "The Resolute" headlined. I got to hang around while they interviewed the band. I am a husband-supporting tweeting machine. And there's no reason not to go ahead and claim all the benefits for being the one and only band groupie. Yeah, I'll take some free food! Mmm, yes, a blue moon please!

They nailed it. And it was fun to see a big crowd rocking out up front. Thanks to everyone who came out to watch!

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