Friday, June 1, 2012

The Month of Change

I can't decide whether to feel especially excited or anxious about all the changes that June is going to bring.

1. My sister is getting married next weekend. Meaning all 3 of the girls will belong to someone else ending this generation of "Hogans". It's only now that I realize the importance of a lineage, so instead of bearing my father's last name forever I can carry on the values that he taught me and continue to honor him.

2. Nashville. We are crazy people and have decided to move 2 days after returning from a wedding packed weekend. Nathan takes the cake on craziness though because he is starting a new job 2 days after we move. Which, I am okay with, because it means I can unpack things exactly where I want them. Also, beware of the sulking puppy updates. He doesn't handle change well.

3. Unemployment. Since I was 13 I had a job. Even though it started as babysitting in the summers, and progressed to scooping ice cream, then retail, plant work, campus employment, resident director, and then finally to professional employment. I am excited for what Nashville might bring for me, as a designer, for great opportunities, bigger buildings and bigger budgets. But also anxious for finding a job, and then admittedly a little ashamed that I might have to work at a shop for a while. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

4. My Birthday, and thus, closer to 30 than 20. Age. I thought I was so "mature" when I said I would embrace my silver hairs as I got older and one day look like Helen Mirren, but as I continue to find those bright strands, I feel a little more pressure to dye for a while...

So, for the month of June, I am claiming the promise that God provides, and he does it abundantly and in His good pleasure and in his prefect timing.

And in the meantime I am going to be making ice cream.

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