Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doe River Gorge

Nathan has been playing at Doe River Gorge for the past 10 years. Last night, he played for the one and probably only time this summer, and possibly the last time for a while.

The first summer that Nathan and I were dating, I came in to visit him and experienced Doe River for the first time. While the band practiced, I spent 2 or so hours on the hill watching campers play in the teal colored lake, reading some sort of book (probably a harry potter...), and feeling that I missed out on some milestone of childhood by never attending a summer camp. Then at 8, we went in for worship, and I was blown away. Growing up in a church with someone who leads hymns and my mom on the piano, I'd never experienced a worship so personal. In the tent, I was surrounded by teenagers worshiping God with no reservation.

I cannot say how much this place has impacted me, my husband, and the thousands of youngsters who attend each summer; but, I know I will miss it dearly.

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  1. Looks so peaceful...would love to spend the summer there!


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