Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well, we have been in Nashville officially for a week and are still working on getting our apartment set up. In the meantime we are living upstairs with our landlords (also good friends). During the day, Nathan goes to work and I get up  water the garden (which I'm super excited about) and then do some work downstairs. Yesterday, and most days before it, that included painting.

Now, painting walls I can handle, but yesterday I bought a can of spray paint and attempted to paint some shelves that go in the open pantry in the kitchen. Before they were all mismatched woods.

Well, I think I discovered that I am the worst spray painter ever. Not only am I terrible at spraying evenly, but my finger gets tired and then it blocks the spray and I get drips all over the shelves.

I am currently watching tutorials on how to do this correctly, but I might go buy a small can of paint anyway. I think I may have used all the paint anyway.

But, I am excited that things are really coming together down there and I think we'll have all the painting finished today and maybe get the floors cleaned up. Then we can move in some on Thursday and Friday! Hooray!

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  1. Hooray! Glad it's going well! Can't wait to see and hear about the final results! We love you both!


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