Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Mostly Awkward Thursday

For some reason, this week has really pulled out the stops on putting me in the most awkward situations.

- Trying to do anything with a band of screaming children sitting behind you. Hi I'm just a lady sitting at a lonely Panera Bread table. You're totally right, that booth behind me is the perfect choice for your four 2-year olds to sit. Oh, and they all wanted muffins.

- Sharing living space with another couple, namely our landlord. Nuff said.

- Getting to my job interview about 20 minutes early and seeing the whole staff in the conference room directly in view of the elevator. Then going to hide around the corner and in the bathroom for fifteen minutes.

- Changing shoes for said job interview in the parking lot. Don't mind me guy rounding the corner, it's just a leg. Nothing else to see here.

- Walking out from the grocery store and trying to peel my cross shoulder bag off over my head, getting it caught on my earring for about 20 seconds while walking through traffic to my car.

There were however some awesome things!

- Going to Johnson City for The Resolute's show Saturday night.

- Moving in some bedroom furniture today!

- Got a tweet saying that The Black Keys were playing a secret show in Nashville last night. How cool is that? I live in a city with secret rock shows.

- Mas Tacos. Yum.

- I reunite with my puppy again tomorrow night and then bring him back with me Sunday!!!! I've missed my Pico!

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