Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gross Puppy

This morning, not 5 seconds after getting out the door for our morning walk, Dillan lounged at the ground, bit, and came out shaking a tiny mouse (or something). And by shake, I mean, whipped it back and forth with all the strength he could muster and then he let it go and watched it fly straight into me. I can only assume that he let it go in the first place so he could watch it try and escape only to lounge, bite, and shake it again.

Luckily, Dillan is always on a leash, and I could pull him away. And i dragged him around the corner still listening to this tiny creature shriek.

Then, I had a moment of panic realizing that Dillan has not yet had his shot updates, and oh my, what if that mouse has rabies, and now my dog has rabies.

Well, we are going to visit Petsmart again. I'm calling them now.

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