Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Day of Spring

I know that the first official day of spring is still month or so off, but I'm sure that it came this morning.

Last night the area experienced a major thunderstorm. I know nothing about meteorology, but do have a deep down fantasy of been Al Rocker's replacement on the TODAY show. Anyway, I can only assume that the storms out of the west brought some warm air, which the clouds kept insulated in all night. 

This brought on the most glorious morning and glorious hope of spring. A really thin fog hung in all the right spaces turning everything a pastel blue color. We saw 4 deer again. And the birds, which on any other day I would have wanted to take a bb gun to, sang all at once. Every kind, singing together, the sound was overwhelming. I can only assume it's officially mating season.

I attempted a phone picture, which turned out black. But had you all been there I would have made us some tea and pulled out all of my blankets and we would have cozied up on the porch with tea and warm muffins, under our blankets just taking it all in.

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