Monday, February 13, 2012

Put Your Coat On!

This winter has been of moderate temperature.  Even more than that. Super moderate. Spring-like. 50-60 degree days, every day. I haven't even brought out the ski coat. and I haven't gotten to wear those awesome new duck boots much. 

But it's been kind of awesome for dog-owning. We can take long walks without the worry that Dillan will get cold. Greyhounds pretty much have 0.5% body fat and no under coat to keep them warm. They're actually kind of fragile.

Anyway, they need to wear coats if it's cold outside, especially if they're going to be outside in the cold for a long amount of time. So, in preparation for winter weather, I bought Dillan a coat back in October from Dapper Dawgs.  I did a lot of research. Comparing linings, fleece, ease of use, and price. These are the best deal that I found online.

So after a couple of months of no-coat temperatures, this weekend brought freezing wind and weather. Tens and teens, windy, chill you to the bone temperatures. So, I took the opportunity that the freezing weather brought, and snapped a few photos of Dillan looking very fancy in his jacket. 

Oh, And Dillan's favorite color is green.


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