Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The French

Lately, I've had an uncanny affinity for all things relating to France, and more specifically it's capital city. I blame you, Woody Allen. "Midnight in Paris" is probably my favorite movie of the year. Since then I've been obsessing over distressed architecture, striped boatneck tees, baguettes, and coffee art. Seriously just look at my tumblr.

Today I woke up with the desire to put on a pair of cropped tapered pants and oxford heels and a striped boat neck. Then I got to work where I immediately started playing the "Midnight in Paris" soundtrack.

Part of it may also be this unrealistic idea of what I imagine Parisians to be like. But here's what I blissfully imagine.
   1. Super fashionable. French women have the ability to always look polished, but simple and slightly sexy.
  2. I already mentioned coffee and baguettes.
  3. Leisure. reading for hours at an outdoor cafe, with said coffee, but perhaps this time I'll have a croissant instead.
  4. Art everywhere. Inspiration everywhere. History everywhere.
  5. A dream I had recently in which I experienced something similar to Meg Ryan in "French Kiss" where I kept just missing a sight of the Eiffel Tower.
  6. The je ne sais quoi.
All that to say, I have the wanderlust. Not traveling anywhere in the past couple years has wetted my appetite for a new city, a new adventure.

I mean, just watch this. Le sigh.

So what do you say, Nate?

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