Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Plunge

Well folks, after 7 months of puppy parenting, we are finally getting around to that dreaded first vet visit. Dillan is out of heartworm meds. We delayed the vet visit for this long because a dear friend gave us her dogs medicine after he died last summer (so sad, we miss you Champ!). 

I could probably delay the visit even longer, until May to be exact, which is when Dillan will need his shots. But I found a coupon! Several to be exact. The first from Petsmart's affiliate vet hospital Banfield. I signed us up online and it gave us a free first visit. Heck, may as well take that. 

Then, Dillan's birthday is February 13th (thank goodness for greyhound breeder's accuracy!) so he gets a free toy at Petsmart! I'm so excited to see what he will choose. Then we get to have 6 stuffies all over the floor all the time!

And, in Dillan's adoption papers, I found a coupon for a free flea/tick application at a visit to Banfield! Hooray! I haven't done that in a while. I know I should. But I guess I have the idea that since he is a mostly indoor dog, and since it's winter, he doesn't have a huge chance of getting any little parasites...
I might be wrong, so I'll take that coupon. Thank you very much.

I found another in the adoption packet for $30 off a visit to Banfield, and I'll probably take it just in case. 

Yes, this is overkill. But I'm a sucker for a chance to "save" money. 

And don't worry, I'll be sure to document our appointment tomorrow with lots of pictures, all of which I'm sure will show Dillan looking unamused and miserable. Something like this. 

How were your first vet visits?

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