Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Way the Dill Pico Lies

It's about time for another Dillan lying post. It's been a while.

It's also been a while since I've posted, period. Things have been a little crazy lately. And, I'm trying to take some time to figure out where things with the blog are going. Is it going to stay strictly a life events blog, used as an excuse to keep people updated on the lives of the Merricks without having to <gasp> actually call and talk to them or <eeek> actually meet with them in person? Or am I going to actually attempt to gain any sort of online readership/recognition by posting about things I've crafted, or things that I like? Should I one day create a new blog to separate those things? And then the ever resounding question of how to be honest. What is a blog if it's not a place where I can be upfront about things I struggle with? See, now you're all thinking "she's struggling with something..." So, for now I'm going to leave you hanging on that one. 

Anyway, Dillan is very supportive of my current pondering of blogging questions. 

Clearly, very supportive.

He likes the addition of the pillow for his sleeping pleasure.

Speaking of sleeping pleasure, he probably can't sleep on one side of his head now because I gave him, what I think would be, a giant bruise last night. We are extremely clumsy. And our play time last night was no exception, we moved at the same time, in the same direction, and my elbow cracked him in the skull. Poor guy stood for the next few seconds trying to rub his head with his paw until his mama cuddled him and gently rubbed his little tiny head.

I felt terrible, I still feel terrible. I stepped on his paws twice on Saturday, but the dog is constantly at my heels, quite literally. One of the incidents occurred because he followed me into the laundry closet, which is hardly wide enough for the dryer door to open, so I backed out on his little foot. :(

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