Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Green Biscuits

I'm not entirely sure how long it's been going on, but Nathan and I have been feeding our dog green biscuits...

I am ashamed to say that after who knows how long (I seriously neglected the kitchen this past weekend), I discovered last night that the puppy biscuits were covered in green fuzzy mold. Luckily, the biscuits closer to the top (the canister was about 1/3 full) seemed to be pretty mold-free. But I dumped them all in the trash anyway and soaked and scrubbed that thing clean. Along with the rest of the dishes too. Finally.

I guess I just need to admit that things are super busy. Along with the wifely duties, and puppy duties, I've been trying to prepare myself for what is the 15 hour professional exam I'll be taking at the very end of March. Then there's other involvements, a couple of bible studies, social time, husband time, puppy time, reading/relaxation time. Shew, there's just not very much time lately.

So those New Year's Resolutions are coming in handy. You know, the one about watching less tv. Turns out I've more or less prioritized it out of my life. Although I did have a slight melt down when the husband installed xfinity last night, which eliminated 3/4 of our channels.

"What about all my shows buds???!!!"

Honestly, I could use the lack of temptation.

By the way, the solution: we just need to actually put the lid back on the canister. Bam, problem solved. 

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