Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Vet Experience

Dillan and I made our first visit to the vet on Friday at 9 a.m.  Dillan was super excited to get out for a ride, and was so well behaved the whole time. I'm such a proud mama. 

We checked in and then Dillan was weighed in at 70 pounds, which means he's gained around 5 pounds since we've had him! This is really healthy for greyhounds. When they come off the track they are skinny enough to see all of their ribs. A healthy retirement weight is to not see the ribs, but be able to feel them. So, all that peanut butter and plain yogurt (and not sprinting every day) has paid off. 

Then we were put in a room to wait for the Doctor. In the mean time Dillan got his temperature taken = unpleasant. I'm so thankful for ear/mouth thermometersBut (no pun intended), his temperature was 101.1, which is perfect for a dog.

The nurse doted on Dillan for a while, offering him generic puppy biscuits.

Which, by the way, he was too good for. So he left his biscuit in the floor. Remember this example of pickyness?

Then the vet came in and checked all the things that you check on a dog...heart, stomach, etc. She tried to check his glands on his hind legs, but he squealed...wimp. He's really defensive about his back side...

Otherwise, this was very pleasant for the Pico. His ears were rubbed the whole time.  
By the way, shouldn't people get a massage included in their doctor visit?

Anyway, the whole process only took about 15 minutes. I was told that I should probably do a better job of cleaning his teeth. Right now I brush them about twice a week, my new goal is every other day.

The issue was the purpose of our visit = heartworm medicine. Which they don't carry at the store. So I had to get it from another vet's office. But they've stopped making "Interceptor"...so I feel like I kind of got the run around about that. Oh well, his health was confirmed. And that'll last me until June, when he needs shots and such.

After checking out I asked the receptionist if she would take a commemorative photo, and she enthusiastically agreed. Here's the result.

How were your first pet visits?

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  1. It's always music to a mom's ears that her 4 legger child got a good report from a vet visit. Kudos to Dillan for being such a good patient and kudos for his mom, too! Those are great pictures!


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