Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've decided

Well I've decided. I'm going to write about what I want. Even if it has nothing to do with Dillan. Take that, puppy!

Thus, take a look at what I did last week. 

BOOM! What is up?

I sewed that little pouch, thingy. I don't know what it is honestly. I get loads of fabric samples that I cannot return, so I thought "self, why don't you get out that sewing machine you've had for a year and practice."

So I did. All the while applauding myself for:
 a.) not sewing a finger.  Although I did squeal and drop everything when I pushed the foot pedal a little too steps people.
 b.) I remembered to sew the pouch thing inside out. Oh, yeah. Who's a pro...?
 c.) Totally figured out the whole threading the needle situation. Which, by the way, has 12 steps. Uhm, so kind of like AA...weird.

AND if you can see the unfinished edges on the foldover flap, I fixed those up with some superglue. Why? because I don't have an extra bobbin and didn't feel like getting the baby blue thread off the loaded one... again, baby steps.

I'm thinking of getting a pretty pearl snap and fixing up some of the other fabric sample scraps like this one

AND then I'm going to sell them.

AND then I'm going to make millions being a handmade blogger...

Right? Right. Okay good. Thanks for being supportive. By the way, you can totally have first dibs on what I think I'll call the "pretty pencil pouch." See what I did there, -alliteration-, (english teachers applaude). I can see it now, middle schoolers across the nations will all want a "pretty pencil pouch" (patent pending). I'm thinking "twilight" themed will of course come next.


  1. That's very pretty, Michelle, and I'm really impressed. Kudos in recycling the fabric samples.

    1. Thanks Dawn! It's an easy way to upcycle and practice!

  2. you should make lady wallets. (: and hang with my mom. She'll show you sew many things...

    1. I'd love to hang with your mom and learn some sewing tips/tricks, but I can't, because you're anonymous... :( Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm your "in" in the middle school market! LOL

    And niiiice! I like! Good job :)


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